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Confederate Flag General Lee Flag
Confederate Flags 5'x3' 100% Polyester Flag with Two Eyelet  
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Confederate Flag Lapel Badge
Confederate Flag Badge.  Metal with an Enamel Overlay. Dimensions: Width: 19mm x 16mm Fixing: Spur and butterfly clasp
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confederate bunting
Confederate Flag Bunting 20 x 6"x9" (152mm x 229mm) Overall length 19.5' (6 Metres) Made from 100% Polyester
Confederate Flag Embroidered Patch
Embroidered Rebel Flag Patch Dimensions: Width: 60mm x Height: 90mm
Confederate Flag Embroidered Badge
Buy Confederate flags as an Embroidered Patch Dimensions: Width: 70mm x Height: 60mm
Confederate Flag Table Flag
Buy Rebel Flag as a Table Flag 8” x 4” Quality Printed Table Flag with Chrome Pin + Base
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Confederate Flag Hand Waver
Buy Confederate Flag - Hand Waver 18"x12" With Wooden Stick
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Confederate Flag
Buy Confederate Flag 8'x5' 100% Polyester Flag
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Confederate Flag Keyring
Buy Rebel Confederate Flag Key Ring
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confederate car flag
Confederate Rebel Flag for use as a Car Flag
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Confederate Flag
Buy Confederate Flag 3' x 2'
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Confederate Flag General Lee

 High Quality Confederate Flag

High Quality Rope and Toggled Printed Double Stitched Flags are made from Knitted Polyester

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Rebel Flag - Printed - 45x23cm / 18x9in / 0.5Yard £10.95
Rebel Flag - Printed - 91x46cm / 36x18in / 1 Yard £16.95
Rebel Flag - Printed - 137x69cm / 54x27in / 1.5 Yard £22.95
Rebel Flag - Printed - 183x91cm / 72x36in / 2 Yard £30.50
Rebel Flag - Printed - 229x114cm / 90x45in / 2.5 Yard £50.50
Rebel Flag - Printed - 270x137cm / 108x54in / 3 Yard £65.00


The "Confederate Flag", a 20th century combination of the Battle Flag's colors with the Second Navy Jack's design. Actual historical flags of the CSA have become more obscure.

What is now often called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually a combination of the battle flag's colors with the Second Navy Jack's design), despite its never having historically represented the CSA as a nation, has become a widely recognized symbol of the South. It is also called the "rebel", "Southern Cross, or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" (the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design).

During the first half of the 20th century the Confederate flag enjoyed renewed popularity. During World War II some U.S. military units with Southern nicknames, or made up largely of Southerners, made the flag their unofficial emblem. The USS Columbia (CL-56) flew a Confederate Navy Ensign as a battle flag throughout combat in the South Pacific in World War II. This was done in honor of the ship's namesake, the capital city of South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union. Some soldiers carried Confederate flags into battle. After the Battle of Okinawa a Confederate flag was raised over Shuri Castle by a Marine from the self-styled "Rebel Company" (Company A of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines). It was visible for miles and was taken down after three days on the orders of General Simon B. Buckner, Jr. (son of Confederate General Simon Buckner), who stated that it was inappropriate as "Americans from all over are involved in this battle". It was replaced with the flag of the United States.

The use of the flag by soldiers came under investigation after some African-American soldiers filed complaints. By the end of World War II, the use of the Confederate flag in the military was rare.[16] However, the Confederate flag continues to be flown in an unofficial manner by many soldiers. It was seen many times in Korea, Vietnam, and in the Middle East.


Displaying the flag

The display of the Confederate flag remains a highly controversial and emotional topic, generally because of disagreement over the nature of its symbolism.

Opponents of the Confederate flag (especially African Americans) see it as an overt symbol of racism, both for the history of racial slavery in the United States, and the establishment of Jim Crow laws by Southern states following the end of Reconstruction in late 1870s, enforcing racial segregation within state borders for nearly a century until the Civil Rights Movement. Some hate groups use the Southern Cross as one of the symbols associated with their organizations, including racist groups such as the Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. The flag is also sometimes used by separatist organizations such as the Aryan Nations. It is important to note, however, that the official flag of the Ku Klux Klan, as stated by this organization itself, is the flag of the United States of America, not the CSA battle flag. The Aryan Nation also uses the U.S. flag as well as the Christian flag displayed in some Protestant churches.

Supporters of the flag view it as a symbol of heritage and the freedom of the distinct cultural tradition of the South from the oppression of Northern government. Also, in light of some schools and universities banning it as a racist symbol in their "speech codes", it could also be seen as a symbol of freedom of speech.

White southerners often see the flag as merely a symbol of southern culture without any political or racial connotation. An example of this would be the Bocephus Rebel Flag often sold at concerts performed by country music star Hank Williams, Jr or Kevin Fowler, heavy metal band Pantera, and southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. For some, the flag represents only a past era of southern sovereignty. Some historical societies such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy also use the flag as part of their symbols. Also some rockabilly fans hold the Confederate flag as their emblem.

As a result of these varying perceptions, there have been a number of political controversies surrounding the use of the Confederate flag in Southern state flags, at sporting events, at Southern universities, and on public buildings. According to Civil War historian and native Southerner Shelby Foote, the flag traditionally represented the South's resistance to Northern political dominance; it became racially charged during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, when fighting against desegregation suddenly became the focal point of that resistance.

Symbols of the Confederacy remain a contentious issue across the United States and have been debated vigorously in many Southern state legislatures over their civic placement since the 1990s.

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