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Welsh Dragon, Baner Cymru, National Flag of Wales and Accessories

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Welsh Flag
Welsh Flag
5'x3' 100% Polyester Flag with Two Eyelet
Welsh Flag Lapel Badge
Welsh Flag Badge
Metal with an Enamel Overlay.
Dimensions: Width: 19mm x 16mm Fixing: Spur and butterfly clasp
Welsh Car Flag
Wales Car Flag 16"x10" With White Plastic Attachment Stick
Embroidered Welsh Flag Patch
Embroidered Flag Patch Dimensions: Width: 60mm x Height: 70mm
Welsh Embroidered Flag
Embroidered Flag Patch Dimensions: Width: 90mm x Height: 60mm
Welsh Table Flag
Table Flag 8” x 4” Quality Printed Table Flag with Chrome Pin + Base
Welsh Hand Waver Flag
Welsh Hand Waver 18"x12" With Wooden Stick
Welsh Dragon Flag
Welsh Dragon Flag 8'x5' 100% Polyester Flag
Welsh Flag Bunting
Welsh Flag Bunting 20 x 6"x9" (152mm x 229mm) Overall length 19.5' (6 Metres) Made from 100% Polyester
Welsh Flag Keyring
Welsh Flag Key Ring

Quality Welsh National Flag, Baner Cymru

 High Quality Welsh Dragon Flag

High Quality Rope and Toggled Printed Double Stitched Flags are made from Knitted Polyester

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Printed 183x91cm / 72x36in / 2 Yard £30.50
Printed 229x114cm / 90x45in / 2.5 Yard £50.50
Printed 270x137cm / 108x54in / 3 Yard £65.00

The Welsh Dragon Flag


There is no mistaking the flag of Wales — the bright red dragon marching across a field of green is certainly distinct! This flag has been around for centuries, but it was only officially named the flag of Wales in 1959. The history behind it is fascinating, though, and speaks to why the Welsh people are so drawn to this heraldic image.

The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr

The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr has long been associated with the country. No one knows the exact origin of the red dragon, but it is possible the Romans brought it to the area when they invaded Britain during the Gallic Wars. The Historia Brittonum, a history published around 830, mentions the dragon as the symbol of Wales. The red dragon later appeared in fiction as the symbol of King Arthur and the Britons. To the Welsh, the red dragon of Merlin’s prophecy is as much a symbol of Arthur and all he stands for, as Excalibur or the Round Table are.

In Welsh poetry, it became associated with King Cadwaladr of Gwynedd, a kingdom that was located in the northwest part of Wales. While Cadwaladr was featured in poetry and reigned during two plagues that devastated his people, not much else is known about the actual king. The mythical version, however, is portrayed as a more heroic character.

His heraldic symbol of the red dragon – called the Y Ddraig Goch, in Welsh – was later taken up as a symbol of the country in 1400, when Owain Glyndwr used it as his standard during the revolt against the English crown. Ironically, King Henry V of Britain used the dragon himself just 15 years later at the Battle of Agincourt.

The Field of White and Green

Henry VII, sometimes referred to as Henry Tudor, had Welsh ancestors, and when he invaded England, he did so under the Red Dragon standard. After defeating Richard III, he personally carried the flag into St. Paul’s Cathedral and claimed the country. On the modern flag, the colours of white and green represent the colours of house Tudor.

The Flag Today

The flag of Wales is flown daily at the Senedd in Cardiff and in Whitehall at the Wales Office. The Red Dragon appears on many other things, too, such as the tail fins of Air Wales aircraft.

Own Your Own Welsh Dragon Flag!

If you are a proud citizen of Wales, let the world know it by flying your very own Welsh dragon flag from your boat! We offer four different types of the Welsh dragon flag:

  • Woven polyester featuring an embroidered dragon
  • Woven polyester double sided with a screen-printed dragon
  • 115g Knitted polyester
  • 100% polyester

These flags and feature the government-approved Pantone shades of red and green. These flags are designed to stand up to harsh weather, direct sunlight, and more for years of use. They can be hung from metal eyelets or by a rope and toggle. So show off your Welsh pride the next time you are out enjoying the water!

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