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Sewn Blue Ensign.

Price you see displayed above is total payable plus a small postage charge. 

Anti Rot threads dense thick woven flag cloth all flags in stock

Blue Ensign fully sewn using very durable flag bunting fabric 

Our fully sewn woven MOD approved flag fabric Blue Ensigns are manufactured using British Ministry of Defence MOD approved high quality flag making material.  Manufactured in the UK, 155 g/sqm MOD woven polyester is the most durable flag fabric on the market today, hand sewn in the UK by experienced seamstresses. Apart from its outstanding durability, woven flag polyester has a pleasant natural feel and non-shiny cotton/wool like look. 

All stitched Blue Ensign flags are fitted with heavy duty reinforced cotton header and by default are supplied with traditional British rope & toggle fixing.


The Blue Ensign Flag

Since 1864, the plain Blue Ensign is permitted to be flown, instead of the Red Ensign by British merchant vessels whose officers and crew include a certain number of retired Royal Navy personnel or reservists, Royal Research ships manned by former Royal Naval personnel and by British registered yachts belonging to members of certain yacht clubs. 


The price displayed on this page is the price paid plus a small additional postage charge. All flags are sent recorded delivery.

Flag Fixing:

Our Blue Ensign fully sewn flags come with traditional rope and toggle flag fixing.


Anti-Fray is optional.  Anti-fray is sewn onto the opposite end of the reinforced flag fixing side  and the mesh takes the wear out of the flag allowing flags to last longer with more durability.

Key points per Blue ensign flag

Rope and ash toggle fixing
Ready to fly
Anti-Fray optional
Flags supplied ready to fly
0.5  Yard – 3 yard always in stock
Additional  Sizes Available on Request  with a quick turn around.
Other Flag fixings available on request such as Ingle Field clips, metal eyelets and many more.
Fully Sewn Blue Ensigns made from the Highest Grade Woven flag Polyester.

Our flags are traditional hand sewn and manufactured from one piece of flag cloth with no sewn line or joins probably one of  finest sewn ensigns you find we also use anti rot threads.

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