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Coffin Drapes

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Coffin Drapes 

Any funeral is a sad and hard time for those who are parting with their friends, family or loved one.

We care for our clients and understand what they are going through. That is why we take care of Coffin Drape orders very promptly to ensure that you will be able to cope with your loss.

If you wanted to have a special Coffin Flags, Coffin Drapes, and Casket covers  for your loved one – you have come to the right place. We are sure you will find exactly what you want because we know how important it is to show LOVE, respect and dignity.

If you were searching for special coffin drapes – you can search no more – here you will find the perfect drape.

We offer the three types of coffin drapes to buy. All of them are of the very highest quality printed woven polyester, and custom coffin drapes at prices you can afford.

Traditionally Coffin flags have been used at funerals to honour the fallen soldiers of Armed Forces or to acknowledge the efforts of Public Services Personnel that have passed away.

Now that the world has changed and more and more people wish to personalise every event – even the passing of a friend or loved one – Coffin Drapes have become a great way to honour the deceased. This may be connected to a sport team, a motor club, or even a special photograph. The possibilities are endless.

Coffin Casket Drapes

Printed flags are manufactured on thick 100% approved Ministry of Defence woven flag fabric 155g.
Size of coffin drape  3.0 Yard: 274cm x 137cm 
Supplied to and used by many funeral establishments throughout the UK and Europe and the rest of the world.
Far superior quality coffin drape are hemmed on all sides.

Custom Coffin Drapes 

Printed on woven polyester to give you a look of quality
Most drapes are in stock for same day dispatch to you
Size 3 yard: 274cm x 137cm 
Your custom coffin drapes can be supplied usually within 5 - 7 days from ordering
You can select football club drapes
Especially for you we can supply any custom design drape 

Coffin Drape covers in stock

Union Flag
Welsh Dragon
White Ensign
Red Ensign
RAF Ensign
Blue Ensign


On request: additional flags available to you
Fully sewn flag just for you at your request
Finest fully fitted coffin covers
Service drapes
Magnificent memorable memorial drapes
Bespoke Custom Drapes 
Football flag drapes

Delivery of your coffin drape

All in stock ready for same day dispatch.

Buy Coffin Drapes and Large Novelty Flags Online

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(Sewn Union Flag Coffin Drape - 3 yards shown here)
We Can Make Custom Coffin Drapes On Request
Click Here For Custom Flags

All our Coffin Drapes are Made 100% polyester screen printed 8' x 5' (2440mm x 1520mm) with two brass eyelets and double stitched


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