Custom Printed Woven flags

Custom Printed Woven Flags

Woven flags are considered very durable and usually are intended for professional outdoor use due to the used fabric. The woven flags we produce offer more than just durability – they have a traditional look and wool-like feel.

If you are looking for a high grade look – our custom printed woven flags will suit this purpose perfectly.

Custom Printed Woven flags Custom Printed Woven flags (SRP £50.00) from £40.00 Custom Printed Woven Flags Custom Printed woven flags are screen printed on woven 155g polyester the same flag material that our fully embroidered applique sewn flags are made from.  The benefits of  this type of flag made on woven polyester are that it is the  very highest quality flag fabric and the most durable on the market. These woven printed flags last  twice as long as knitted printed flags. The printing is screen printing so the detail  is second to none. Double sided flags are commonly ordered by golf clubs, cricket clubs, hotels  and any prestige type organisation.  These flags are very popular at locations  exposed to windy weather conditions due to their durability. We have listed our most popular sizes above to purchase on checkout, any sizes, shape and  design, any colour, we can produce .Please contact us for further details. Woven Polyester Flag We also print on 155g Woven Polyester flag fabric. This is the same flag cloth as our fully sewn flags are made on. The printing technique is called dye sublimation.  This flag cloth is hefty and has a cotton feel, lasts longer than knitted polyester and is far more superior. You are sure to be happy with your purchase!     Add to Basket