Flagpole Christmas Tree Lights


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Flagpole Christmas Tree Lights

It’s finally here!

The multi colour FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE is now available in the size of 6m for flagpoles and the  300cm which includes a portable pole, the two best-selling sizes. Choose among a variety of colours, combinations, steady or animated. Operated by a REMOTE CONTROL!

Congratulations! The  multi colour FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE is “The beautiful original from the North”. Raised in your flagpole like a flag and by far the easiest assembly on the market. You will do it in a few minutes on your own. Once raised, the  multi colour FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE will light up and spread the Christmas spirit from your flagpole! Easy to scroll and store in the original box after each Christmas season.

All products include a water-resistant transformer that can be connected to a dusk to dawn sensor to have your FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE automatically light up at dusk. All products are corrosion proof. 


Congratulations! South Coast Flagpoles is now offering LED CHRISTMAS TREE with portable flagpole 300cm,  Hanging LED Christmas Tree. These are of the same quality and design as the FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE. Our vision is to bring the Christmas spirit to all homes whether you have a flagpole or not!

Dusk to dawn sensor for LED Christmas trees.

About dusk to dawn photocells
Controlling its lighting with twilight relays is both convenient and energy efficient. This means that you only have your lighting lit when it is dark outside. The dusk to dawn sensor for LED Christmas trees keeps track of twilight and when it becomes bright for optimum performance.

Do you have a flagpole? We can supply a 6 meter flagpole for your Flagpole Christmas Tree Light set click Here to buy.


Looking forward to supplying you with the greatest Christmas spirit!

Don't have a 6 meter flagpole? Why not buy one to display your   FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS.

Easy to instal comes with instructions manual and a PDF document when your order is paid and received.

Delivery allow 7-10 for delivery

 Only a few left in stock  once  they're gone they're gone!