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 Lamp Post Banner and Wall Banner Display Systems 

Lamp post and wall banner system allows banners to be projecting at 90% degrees from the wall or lamp post. Kits come complete with two steel lamp post brackets, powder white or black, stainless steel fixing kit. One fixing kit comprises of 4 heavy duty geared banding clips which are adjustable and reusable and will install one complete lamp post banner system  for fitting to lamp posts. If you require wall mounting fixing please call for advice.

Lamp Post  Wall Banner Bracket Kit Colours

Choose either our standard stocked colour white banner systems brackets, or If you require a  bespoke colour click on bespoke  and email the colour you require on check out. We also fabricate /  manufacture  bespoke brackets for all types of wall flagpoles and banner display systems.  



Banner Sizes 75cm x 300cm Double sided, bespoke sizes available. 

Made on Oxford 500 D durable heavy duty banner fabric, can also be made on poly-mesh mesh flag fabric allows the wind to past threw the flag with less wind resistance

Replacement Display Banners are easily ordered and installed.

Art Work:

If you have a design or sketch  please email to .  If you require a branding design we offer our own in house event branding graphic design to printing.
If you don't have your own design, our art team will be happy to assist with a design to match your idea.

Key Features for Lamppost Display system  

Two geared stainless steel banding Straps (two required Per lamp post banner arm)

  • Custom Banner 300cm x 75cm
  • Custom Banner 250cm x 75cm
  • Standard powder coated white
  • Bespoke colours available 
  • Geared banding straps various sizes to suit the lamppost or pole being fixed too.
  • Poly Mesh
  • 500D heavy duty flag material 
  • Discounts given on multiple orders
  • Best Prices