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Bedfordshire Printed Flags.  Buy a Bedfordshire flag online at affordable prices.

Bedfordshire Flag

Bedfordshire is a county in the East of England. It is a ceremonial and historic county, bordered by Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. It has good transport links to the rest of the UK with the M1, A1 and A5 passing through the county. It is a fairly industrialised densely populated county. Bedford and Luton are the largest towns with Luton long being associated with motor vehicle production.  The county is famous for the preacher and writer John Bunyan who was jailed in 1660 and in Bedford jail, began writing his most famous work Pilgrim's Progress.  

The Bedfordshire flag is based on the banner of arms of the county council, which was made defunct on 1st April 2009. The red and yellow quadrants are derived from the coat of arms of the Beauchamp family, who were a prominent family in the county after the Norman Conquest.  A black panel running vertically down the centre of the flag containing three escallops, comes from the coat of arms of the Duke of Bedford. Blue and white wavy lines running horizontally represent the River Great Ouse, a dominant geographic feature in the county. 

Our Printed Bedfordshire County Flag

High Quality Printed Knitted Polyester Flags
All county flags are digitally printed onto 115g knitted polyester which conforms to British MOD specification. Flags are double stitched hem all around and a reinforced hem on the hanging side. Supplied with metal eyelets fixing ready to fly. 

Poly Mesh Bedfordshire County Flag:

Poly-mesh Bedfordshire County flag is also made from knitted polyester 115gsm (grams square metre) and  has very small holes across the entire flag  which allows the air to flow through the flag to  flutter rather than whip  in the high winds so they last longer in exposed areas. Poly Mesh flags are ideal for coastal areas, church towers, roof tops,  harbours and exposed areas.


Anti-Fray is optional.  Anti-fray is sewn onto the opposite end of the reinforced flag fixing side  and the mesh takes the wear out of the flag allowing flags to last longer with more durability.

Key points per Bedfordshire County Flag

  • Metal eyelets Fixing
  • Rope and toggle
  • Ready to fly
  • Anti-Fray
  • Poly-mesh Flag Material
  • Flags supplied ready to Fly
  • 0.5 yard  (22cm x 45cm) – 6 yard (549 x 274cm )
  • Additional  size Available on Request 
  • Other Flag fixing available on request
  • Bedfordshire

Purchase Options for Bedfordshire County Flag 

115g Standard knitted polyester
115g Poly-mesh


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