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Our flagpole ranges start from Residential Flagpoles through to Wall Mounted Flagpoles, Aluminium Flagpoles, Fully Rigged Yard and Gaff Arm Flagpoles, Forecourt Banner Arm Display Flagpoles, Fibreglass Flagpoles, Telescopic Aluminium Flagpoles, and Lamp Post Banner Arm Flagpoles; to name but a few.  

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Ground Tubed Fibreglass Flagpole Ground Tubed Fibreglass Flagpole (SRP £290.00) from £260.00 Fibreglass Flagpole Ground Tube Our 5 and 6 metre Ground Tubed Fibreglass Flagpoles are available with an internal and external halyard system. These fibreglass flagpoles are a more popular choice for the advantage that they are easy to install, good quality and durable. We are happy to give advice on installing your flagpole and how this can be achieved. We can also supply Ground Tubed Fibreglass flagpoles from 7 metres, all the way up to 18 metres.  For flag pole sizes which are not listed above, please contact us for prices and details on shipping. We also offer a wide range of Flagpole Hardware and Accessories too! So why not take a look.  If you don't see what you are looking for, you can always contact us through email and we will respond to your query. Standard features of our Ground Tubed Fibreglass flagpoles are:  UV resistant Tapered flagpole White Gel coated finish 360 Rotating Saddle and fairlead Nylon halyard Gold Onion Finial PVC Ground Tube External System or Internal System Anti-tamper Flagpole Systems Our anti-tamper flagpole systems are predominantly used for public areas, exposed areas and built up areas, where the noise of the ropes need to be controlled using our internal systems.   Installation Service If you are not confident  installing your flagpole, we do offer an installation service.  Please email us for a price on supply and installation using our contact page. Add to Basket
Hinged Base Fibreglass Flagpoles Hinged Base Fibreglass Flagpoles (SRP £250.00) from £338.00 Hinged Base Fibreglass Flagpoles Flagpoles, Quality External and Internal Fibreglass Halyard Systems from South Coast Flagpoles. South Coast Flagpoles is the UK's Leading Specialist Supplier of Quality Flags and Flagpoles.  5 and 6 metre flagpoles can be installed with either a hinged base or ground tube (please go to our ground tubed flagpoles for further information) Also see our Flagpole Spare Parts and Flag Pole Accessories which you can purchase online with South Coast Flagpoles for your existing or new flagpole! We have listed our most popular sized Fibreglass flagpoles above. We can ship to the U.K Mainland and some off shore islands.  We can supply Fibreglass flag poles from 5 metres up to 18 metres.  For flag pole sizes which are not listed below, please contact us for prices and details.  Standard Features of our Fibreglass poles are:  UV resistant Tapered poles 360 Rotating Saddle and fairlead Nylon halyard Gold Coloured Finial Gel Coated Gloss Finish Ground Tubed Internal Halyard External Halyard Anti-tamper Locking System For flagpoles ordered up to 6 metres, the correct shipping will be added upon check out. For 7 metre flagpoles and upwards, please email us for a quote on the shipping charge.    Anti-Tamper Internal Halyard Internal flagpole systems are predominantly used for public areas, exposed or built up areas where the noise of the ropes need to be controlled using our internal systems.   Installation Service Available If you don't feel confident  installing your new flagpole yourself, why not get in contact with us for a competitive quote on supply and installation.   Add to Basket
Garden Fibreglass Flagpole Garden Fibreglass Flagpole (SRP £250.00) from £225.00   Garden Fibreglass Flagpoles This range of garden residential fibreglass flagpole is one of the most popular flagpoles we sell.  Manufactured in fibreglass, white gel coated with a high gloss finish and tapered in construction. The flagpole comes complete with: either a white dome finial or gold coloured onion shaped finial external halyard system 6mm lanyard rope cleat heavy duty ground tube As an added extra, you will also receive a FREE  5' x 3' Union Jack or St George Cross knitted polyester flag. When ordering, please email your preference choice after checking out.   Advantages to ordering this flagpole are:- Gel Coated High Gloss fibreglass finish for a long durable life Flagpole comes complete with all flagpole fixings FREE Union Jack or St George's Cross Flag Choice of flagpole finials (white dome / gold onion) Easily installed Manufactured in the UK    Shipping your flagpole We ship to the U.K Mainland, and some off-shore islands.      Add to Basket
Fibreglass Fully Rigged Flagpole Fibreglass Fully Rigged Flagpole (SRP £895.00) from £750.00 Fibreglass Fully Rigged Flagpole, Gaff and Yard Arm Specification Fibreglass Gel Coated 98mm Base  65mm Top Tapered 6 meters (20') Ground tube Installation Fully Rigged Gaff and Yard Arm Galvanised Powder Coated White Stay Wires   Installation If you are not confident  installing your flagpole, we do offer an installation service.  Please email us for a price on supply and installation using our contact page. We can give advice if you are installing this flagpole yourself. Our Fully Rigged Yard and Gaff Arm Fibreglass flagpoles are also available in 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m and 15 metres. Should you be interested in a taller flagpole, please call for supply prices and a quote for delivery to your location.     Add to Basket
9m Fibreglass Flagpole with External Rope 9m Fibreglass Flagpole with External Rope £525.00 9m Fibreglass Flagpole with External Rope Add to Basket
Aluminium Traditional Classic Flagpole Aluminium Traditional Classic Flagpole from £135.00 Aluminium Flagpoles: External halyard  flagpoles complete with halyard, cleat and a white domed finial flagpole top. Powder coated finish in white for a long durable life. Our Classic Aluminium Flagpoles come in a variety of sizes from 3 metres to 8 metres and 60 mm base in diameter   Powder coated finish for a long durable life Aluminium flagpole Complete with all flagpole fixings Flagpoles complete with ground sleeve, cleat, halyard, white domed finial and Ready to fly the flag Optional Extras include: Sewn Union Jack 5x3  Wall Mount Bracket set vertical Wall Mounted Bracket set Angled  bracket set Rotating Banner Arm and flag weight Custom banner flag   Powder coated in black      We ship  to the U.K Mainland Hampshire, Midlands, Scotland, West country  as well as the  Isle of Wight, Guernsey and Jersey and Northern Ireland  Scotland Highlands and Islands.   Traditional Classic Aluminium Flagpole, powder coated white and shipped to the U.K Mainland as well as Isle of Wight, Guernsey and Jersey. Constructed from 60mm diameter high grade aluminium tube with a 3mm wall thickness, powder coated in white to give a long lasting durable finish. Our aluminium flag poles come in a variety of sizes from 3 metres to 8 metres and 60mm in diameter. Poles come with a white dome finial, cleat and a heavy duty aluminium ground sleeve with a grub screw and sealed bottom. 3m - 6m flagpoles are one piece.  The 7m to 8m are two pieces that are joined with an internal collar.  To purchase additional accessories click below the flagpole menu. ,Rotating Flag arm (60mm tube) Vertical wall bracket set 2 piece.   Shipping your flag pole We ship  to the U.K Mainland as well as the  Isle of Wight, Guernsey, Jersey Ireland and Northern Ireland,  Scotland and Highlands . Buy Flagpoles, Quality External and Internal Glass Fibre Halyard Systems from South Coast Flagpoles - The UK's Leading Specialist Supplier of Quality Flags and Flagpoles.   Add to Basket
Premium Aluminium deluxe flagpole Premium Aluminium deluxe flagpole from £235.00 Premium Aluminium deluxe Flagpole  Ideal for home and garden this Flagpole comes with an optional printed or sewn flag. Additional flags and products available please search the Website.  Stepped tapered profile 2 piece flagpoles chrome tapered joint finish. These flagpoles come in 6 and 8 metres in length 88mm base bottom section stepped tapered into a 60mm top section  Our Premium deluxe  range flagpole is powder coated, white have a wall thickness of 3.00mm.88mm -  60mm in diameter and height 20' (6 metres) 26' (8 meters)  and is complete with all fixings  ready to install and  fly the flag! You will receive the  flagpole and ground tube which the pole slots into and the  rope (halyard), cleat with fixing screws and a pulley, white, silver or gold finial. We recommend a portrait Union flag  Sewn or Printed the size recommended 183cm x 91cm ( 2 yards) available as an extra  in the purchase menu Easy Installation even for beginners. Your brand new flagpole comes with full instructions in the box plus you can email South Coast Flagpoles for a PDF in advance of your receiving your new aluminium  flagpole,  buy in the necessary cement ballast and prepare the hole. Perhaps you would like us to install your flagpole.  Click here for the areas we cover and contact details. Delivery usually within 5 - 10 working days from receiving your order. Delivery charge is  from only £24.00.                Add to Basket
Fully Rigged Yard Arm Flagpole Fully Rigged Yard Arm Flagpole £750.00 Fully Rigged Yard and Gaff Arm Flagpole Aluminium 60mm  Flagpole 6 metres Heavy duty ground sleeve Gaff Arm 60mm Yard Arm 60mm Stay Wires Ground tube Cleats Finial Full Detailed instructions supplied for an easy installation Step by step guide over the phone  Add to Basket
Car Show room flag and banner arm kit Car Show room flag and banner arm kit (SRP £225.00) £225.00 Description Heavy Duty telescopic car flag pole and base and a  Single or double sided custom flag  2.8 meter x 800mm Use under the wheel of your car for a large flag solution, the drive-on is smooth and simple. Includes pole, supports and HD steel vehicle base. The telescopic car flag pole allows the flag to fly at three heights: 1.5meter 2.6 meter , 3.8 meter  Rectangular shaped flag design and suitable for single or double sided print. Graphic size: H 2800 x W 800mm. Easy to assemble promotional flag and only takes 5 minutes to put up – only one person required and no tools needed.   Additional information Weight 5.5 kg Dimensions 130 × 100 × 1650 mm Base With Base Environment Outdoor Product type Flag Shape Rectangle Sides Single Sided, Double Sided Wind Speed 35 km/h Hardware Base, Pole   Ordering When Ordering after check out please email us your art work and and information on your custom flag requirements    Orders Discounts  +3 £195 each +5 £180 Each  +10 £165 Each These prices include the Hardware and  the custom banner flag all Taxes, please note  Excludes Postage   Add to Basket
Telescopic Aluminium Flagpole Telescopic Aluminium Flagpole from £135.00was £135.00 (0% off) Telescopic Aluminium Flagpoles  Gold Coloured round finial , flag fixing clips. Flagpole when fully assembled is 6 metres. No halyard rope, simply clip the flags on the flagpole  with the fixing flag clips supplied and you are ready to fly the flag! When fully closed measures 1.2 metres making it light and easy to transport. Twist lock mechanism each section to assemble. Just twist to lock at your desired height up tp 6 meters. Also comes with a heavy duty ground sleeve making it suitable to use in your garden as a residential flagpole and very easy to install.   This aluminium telescopic flagpole features several additional optional extras allowing it to be used as a rotating  banner arm display flagpole  to be used as a forecourt banner arm. Ideal for garages , car shows and event display.  ‚ÄčTelescopic Aluminium Flagpole 6 metre Key Features for Telescopic Aluminium Flagpole  Telescopic Aluminium Flagpole 6 metre (Fully adjustable to any height) Banner Arm Car Foot plate Bespoke Custom Flag 1.2 m x 3.0 m Twist Lock mechanism Display up to 2 flags at a time Heavy duty Ground Sleeve Flag Weight Forecourt Banner Arm Closes down to 1.2 meter       Add to Basket
Wall Mounted Flagpoles Wall Mounted Flagpoles from £110.00 Aluminium  White Wall Mounted Flagpoles with Angled or Vertical Wall Mounted Brackets Wall Mounted Flagpoles: An attractive range of Wall Mounted Flagpoles  constructed from 50 mm diameter aluminium powder coated white.  Our wall mounted flagpoles come complete with finial, rope and cleat. Either a vertical or angled bracket is available in different lengths. Don't see the wall mounted flagpole your looking for? We sell other types of wall mounted flagpoles. Please contact us for further details    Black Wall Mounted Brackets and Flagpoles Black wall mounted flag poles and the  brackets and finial and rope  can be supplied in the purchase menu. Coloured poles and be supplied  please provide RAL  for a quote on bespoke colours   Additional information  All flagpoles are sold powder coated in white unless you choose black at the check out, wa mounted flagpoles sold 2.5 meters and about come with a heavy duty stay bracket as pictures you can also order  a extra stay bracket for 1.5 or 2 meter poles as an extra. Shaped flags fly better and display your flag no matter what the weather  Shaped flags  can be brought. Union Scotland Wales, also other national, county and  world flags. After placing an order please email to let us know the flag wanted  Custom shaped Flags fly better and display your flag no matter what the weather  Ideal for shops pubs piers hotels and many more business.  You can buy these without purchasing a flagpole for repeat orders After placing the order can you email the design Key Features for Aluminium Wall Mounted Vertical and Angled Flagpoles:  1.5 Meter - 4 Meters Vertical wall brackets   Angled wall brackets Powder coated finish for a long durable life Cleat finial halyard Union Jack Flag  White dome finial Optional gold or silver onion shaped finial on request St Georges Flag Custom flag 115g Knitted polyester Metal eyelets   Other Flags: Shaped Flags  If you want another 5x3 flag for your wall mounted aluminium flagpole please choose (other flag) in the drop down menu and email us the flag you require. Flag choices World flag, National Flag, County Flag, Military flag,  or other.   Custom Flag: If you choose a 5x3  custom bespoke flag,  please choose (Custom flag) in the drop down menu and email your design to us. Aluminium WALL MOUNTED Flagpole with angled or vertical wall& Add to Basket
Flagpole wall mounted Flagpole wall mounted (SRP £40.00) from £40.00   Wall Mounted Basic Flagpole  Please click Here for alternative wall mounted flagpoles    6ft  Aluminium Flag Pole, gold ball, flag clips and an adjustable wall bracket.  Recommended flag  size  5' x 3' or 3' x 2' . Fully adjustable twist lock flagpole.     Use For House Ideal for garden buildings Garages Events Camping Street Fairs Hand waving Marshalling                        Add to Basket
Residential Budget Flagpole  Residential Budget Flagpole from £120.00 Aluminium Residential Flagpole Gold Coloured  Finial, 50 mm Aluminium Flag Pole Complete with Cleat and  Heavy-duty Ground Sleeve. Our Budget low cost aluminium  flagpole is ideal as a starter novice  flagpole kit for your back garden or events. Add a Platinum jubilee 5x3 screen printed flag  buy online fast delivery  Key Points per Aluminium Garden Residential flagpole  This  20' flag pole is widely used to fly flags and can easily be taken down in high winds None Rust Aluminium Flag Pole.  Gold Ball Finial to decorate the flagpole  PVC Sleeve for ground Raise and lower flag by pulling the halyard rope easily 3 sections: 15 feet  4 sections: 20 feet  Colour Silver  Flagpoles for sale Flagpole Uk Special Price 20' Residential Aluminium Flag Pole Kit Just £120.00 External Halyard, Gold Coloured Finial, 50 mm Aluminium Flag Pole Complete with Heavy-duty Ground Sleeve.  This Residential 20' flag pole is widely used to fly flags and can easily be taken down in high winds   Add to Basket
Street Banner Arm Pole Kits Street Banner Arm Pole Kits from £79.00   Hardware  This Heavy Duty street banner pole kit includes: x 2  Cross Bar (80cm Wide x 2  Mounting Bracket x 4 Stainless Steel Geared Banding strips    Banners Size 80mm x 2.5m (80cm x 250cm)  Double Sided Same Image or Different Images on both sides Custom street banner, also called pole banner lamp post banner arms , heavy duty banner brackets, , would usually be displayed high on building or street poles posts, which can be seen from a distance, therefore, it would definitely be an ideal way to highlight your marketing. It can be used in streets, in museums and schools, and at sporting events to promote your business. And it is also an easy way to boost the atmosphere of any street. Therefore, it is also a great decoration for any events to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Features Effective brand exposure - These printed pole banners will raise your brand above the noise, announcing events and spreading your messaging to the masses. Versatile - They are not only great promotion tools for your brand, but also perfect decorations  any events to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Flexibility to customize - Not only flag materials, styles, but also flag sizes and pole sleeve can be customized according to your needs. Unlimited colours - Your flags will be full-color printed on our selected materials  through advanced technique to make a great visual impact.     Add to Basket
 Lamp Post Banner Arm Display Systems Lamp Post Banner Arm Display Systems from £125.00  Lamp Post Banner and Wall Banner Display Systems  Lamp post and wall banner system allows banners to be projecting at 90% degrees from the wall or lamp post. Kits come complete with two steel lamp post brackets, powder white or black, stainless steel fixing kit. One fixing kit comprises of 4 heavy duty geared banding clips which are adjustable and reusable and will install one complete lamp post banner system  for fitting to lamp posts. If you require wall mounting fixing please call for advice. Lamp Post  Wall Banner Bracket Kit Colours Choose either our standard stocked colour white banner systems brackets, or If you require a  bespoke colour click on bespoke  and email the colour you require on check out. We also fabricate /  manufacture  bespoke brackets for all types of wall flagpoles and banner display systems.     Banners: Banner Sizes 75cm x 300cm Double sided, bespoke sizes available.  Made on Oxford 500 D durable heavy duty banner fabric, can also be made on poly-mesh mesh flag fabric allows the wind to pass through the flag with less wind resistance Replacement Display Banners are easily ordered and installed. Art Work: If you have a design or sketch  please email to info@southcoastflagpoles.co.uk .  If you require a branding design we offer our own in house event branding graphic design to printing.   If you don't have your own design, our art team will be happy to assist with a design to match your idea. Key Features for Lamp post Display system   Two geared stainless steel banding Straps (two required per lamp post banner arm) Custom Banner 300cm x 75cm Custom Banner 250cm x 75cm Standard powder coated white Bespoke colours available  Geared banding straps various sizes to suit the lamp post or pole being fixed too. Poly Mesh 500D heavy duty flag material  Discounts given on multiple orders Best Prices Add to Basket
Hand Waving Display Poles Hand Waving Display Poles (SRP £35.00) from £35.00 Hand held, rubber handle, adjustable flag clips, telescopic flag pole. Light weight, durable, aluminium.  Fully extendable up to 5ft 10 inches  Chrome effect top flag clips   Good Idea for marches parades sporting events protests carnivals welcome home parties      Add to Basket
Wall Mounted Hard Wood Flagpole Wall Mounted Hard Wood Flagpole £40.00 Wall Mounted Hardwood  Flagpole. Complete with wall brackets and fixings Flagpole is twist lock and has two clips attached to connect your flag. Ideal for home workshop , garden, yacht, and many other uses.   Add to Basket