Isle of Wight Flag & Products

New Isle of Wight flag and Products 

The new Isle of Wight Flag was registered in 2009 after a public competition was held to design the flag. 

The white diamond shape of the Isle of Wight hovers over ocean waves with the indentation at the top representing the River Medina.
Since 2009 many Isle of Wight flag products have become available.  Have a look at our Isle of Wight page and contact us if you can not see what you are looking for.

Premium Aluminium Deluxe Flagpole Premium Aluminium Deluxe Flagpole from £245.00 Premium Aluminium Deluxe Flagpole  This stepped tapered profile flagpole comes in two pieces with a chrome joint finish.  It's ideal for home and garden. These flagpoles come in 6m (20') and 8m (26') in length (88mm base bottom section stepped tapered into a 60mm top section) Our Premium Deluxe range flagpole is white powder coated, with a wall thickness of 3mm and come complete with all the fixings ready to install and to fly a flag. You will have the option to choose whether you would like a white, silver or gold finial. This flagpole is super easy to install even for beginners. Your brand new flagpole comes with full instructions in the box, plus you can email South Coast Flagpoles for a PDF in advance of receiving your new aluminium flagpole. All you need to do is purchase the materials to install and to dig the hole! If you don't feel confident on installing the flagpole yourself, why not get in touch with us to install it for you. We cover all of the UK and will give you a really good competitive quote seeing as though you've purchased it from us! Delivery usually within 3-5 working days from receiving your order.    Option Extras Available to purchase on our website so why take a look. Please take a look at our huge selection of flags we have on offer HERE. We can also custom make a flag of your choice. Just email us with your enquiry on our contact page HERE.               Add to Basket