Nautical Flags

We pride ourselves in providing the best durable flags anyone could find on the market and that is why we have a vast number of Nautical Flags available for purchase with variations of shapes, sizes and types. All reinforced by header tape and metal eyelets to ensure maximum durability and long life.

In our range of UK Nautical flags we offer sewn nautical flags, screen printed flags, nautical bunting and various flag sets.

See the flags we have available and if you don’t notice something you need, contact us and we will do everything in our power to make you the ideal flag or set of flags for any purpose you require.

Signal Flag Sets Signal Flag Sets (SRP £364.00) from £364.00 Buy Nautical Flags, Ensigns, Burgees, Signal Flags, Dress Lines - Marine International Signal Flags - Quality Printed Applique Nautical Dress lines International Code of Signals  Exclusively UK manufactured very durable flag fabric (155/g/sqm) intended for professional outdoor use. This is probably the strongest flag bunting available on the market and is approved by Ministry of Defence. Although woven using 100% hefty polyester thread, it retains natural feel and is the best choice where durability and traditional look is sought.  Sewn Signal Flags & Pennants  Our range of international code of signal flags is specially designed for all-weather nautical use. Each flag is individually stitched using reinforced mark threads, which are much stronger compared to regular 100% polyester threads widely used for flag manufacture. Additionally, flag edges and corners are tailored using two layers of polyester, which makes flag extra strong and hard to fray. Signal flags are supplied with traditional British rope & toggle, metal eyelets, sleeve hole or rope loops for easy attachment onto boat, yacht mast. Please choose your desired flag fixture type on placing an order.  The Nautical sets that are not in stock are manufactured in 7-10  business days upon receiving the order. Some sets are stocked ready to dispatch. Key Points  Traditional Rope and toggle fixings Hand Made Flags 155 g woven polyester Ministry of defence approved flag fabric. Appliqued Flags Ready to fly High durability Embroidery  Hefty flag cloth    Queens Thames pageant in 2012  This is the boat Stenoa that took part in the  Queens Thames pageant in 2012 with the full coded nautical flag set, proudly supplied by South Coast Flagpoles. Full Nautical Signal set below Click on gallery  Add to Basket
Nautical Bunting Nautical Bunting (SRP £25.00) from £25.00 Nautical Signal Bunting: Complete with 40 internationally recognised signal flags including the 26 alphabet flags.  100% polyester.  Length: 12.6 metre  All the flags vary in size because they are all different shapes.   Nautical Bunting Large  (Large Flags)  Complete set with 40 internationally recognised signal flags including the 26 alphabet flags. Made on 100% polyester. Length 25m long. All the flags vary in size because they are all different shapes. The approximate size of each signal flag is 18"x12" This set is suitable to dress over all. Add to Basket