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Caernarfonshire Printed Flags.  Buy a Caernarfonshire flag online at affordable prices.

 Caernarfonshire Flag

Caernarfon is situated in North Wales on the eastern side of the Menai Strait opposite the Isle of  Anglesey.  The 13th century castle on the waterfront, was the setting for the investiture of The Prince of Wales in 1969.

The Caernarfonshire flag was registered with The Flag Institute in 2012.  The pattern of 3 golden eagles on a green background has a long association with the county and Owain Gwynedd whose kingdom covered most of the present day county. It was also reputedly flown by soldiers at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Our Printed Caernarfonshire County Flag

High Quality Printed Knitted Polyester Flags.
All county flags are digitally printed onto 115g knitted polyester which conforms to British MOD specification. Flags are double stitched hem all around and a reinforced hem on the hanging side. Supplied with metal eyelets fixing ready to fly. 

Poly Mesh Caernarfonshire County Flag:

Poly-mesh Caernarfonshire County flag is also made from knitted polyester 115 gsm (grams square metre) and  has very small holes across the entire flag  which allows the air to flow through the flag to  flutter rather than whip  in the high winds so they last longer in exposed areas.

Poly Mesh flags are ideal for coastal areas, church towers, roof tops,  harbours and exposed areas.


Anti-Fray is optional.  Anti-fray is sewn onto the opposite end of the reinforced flag fixing side  and the mesh takes the wear out of the flag allowing flags to last longer with more durability.

Key points per Caernarfonshire County Flag

Metal eyelets Fixing
Rope and toggle
Ready to fly
Poly-mesh Flag Material
Flags supplied ready to Fly
0.5 yard  (22cm x 45cm) – 6 yard (549 x 274cm )
Additional  size Available on Request 
Other Flag fixing available on request

Purchase Options for Caernarfonshire County Flag 

115g Standard knitted polyester
115g Poly-mesh
Metal eyelets

Anti fray

Flags Fixing Caernarfonshire County Flag

Traditional rope and toggle flag fixings.
Metal  eyelets.
Ingle Field clips
Stainless steel flag fixing Swivel  clips
D rings.

Stock and delivery

Whilst we try and stock our most popular county flags and sizes, some county flag are not kept in stock  and can take up to two weeks to make to delivery.


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