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Our Colombia Flags have a double stitched hem all around and a reinforced hem line on the hanging side. These Colombia Flags are light enough to fly and flutter in a mild breeze.

There are two purchase options on each world flag  page knitted polyester and poly-mesh.

Knitted Polyester

Industry standard 115 gsm knitted polyester,
lightweight and durable flag material.
Full colour print screen and digitally printed.

Poly Mesh:

Poly-mesh Colombia flags are also made from knitted polyester 115gsm (grams square metre) and    have very small holes across the entire flag  which allows the air to flow through the flag  which allows it to  flutter rather than whip  in the high winds and they last longer in exposed areas.

Poly Mesh world flags are ideal for coastal areas, church towers, roof tops,  harbours and exposed areas.


Anti-Fray is optional.  Anti-fray is sewn onto the opposite end of the reinforced flag fixing side  and the mesh takes the wear out of the flag allowing flags to last longer with more durability.

Key points per Colombia flags

  • Metal eyelets Fixing
  • Rope and toggle
  • Ready to fly
  • Anti-Fray
  • Poly-mesh Flag Material
  • Flags supplied ready to Fly
  • 0.5  22cm x 45cm Yard – 6 yard (549 x 274cm )

Purchase Options for Colombia flags

  • 115g Standard knitted polyester
  • 115g Poly-mesh
  • Rope and toggle fixing
  • Metal eyelets
  • Anti-Fray