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 Professionally Made Custom Printed Flags

Order professionally made Custom Printed Flags from the Uk flag makers.  These custom made flags are digitally printed with the option of being ordered as single sided, with  90% print penetration to reverse side,  or double sided,  two printed flags which are sewn together so both images show the correct way when displayed. Our Custom Made Flags are  UV resistant and machine washable. Affordable bespoke custom flags made here in the UK.  With short lead times and we also offer an express services on all our custom made flags.

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Once you have checked out and paid for your order please send your art work Ideas or design to


Top Quality Flags Made in the UK.

In making our flags we use the best available materials to make sure each and every flag our clients order will be the finest and serve to its task for as long as it can.

We use metal eyelets and D Rings to enforce the fixing and ensure that our flags will withstand time and weather conditions without tearing.

A traditional rope and toggle will fit any flagpole and high quality digitally printed artwork will make the flag look great at any occasion – sport festivities, festivals, musical festivals, parties and and many more.

Bespoke Custom Flags.

As Custom flag makers in the UK, we offer many possibilities for our clients. You can order any type of flag needed for your purposes – whether it is a Corporate, Private or Festival flags.

Any size flags made to order, unlimited colours, personalised flags – there are no limits for us, we will meet any requirements you may have towards your future flags.

Custom Football Flags.

For all football fans that have the wish to tell the world of their love for their favourite football team we have the opportunity to order any custom football flag for any team and sport festival. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. There are variations on how many metal eyelets the flag can have – we can make a flag with two eyelets on one side, or with four eyelets in each corner of the flag, so that it can be easily hung up on the spectators stands.

Corporate Flags.

Custom flag suppliers offer a variety of options, including making Corporate flags for various events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Showrooms and Office Buildings. We too offer a wide range of possibilities for companies to promote themselves and show the world who they are and what they do.

Business and Commercial.

Any business needs advertising to ensure people know about what they do and what they offer. That is why our company offers custom Business and Commercial flags to help your business grow.


Need to make a unique gift, become the hit of a party or mark your tent at any festival or outing? We have the answer with a great offer to make your own private flag. With us everything is possible – you can design your flag online with unlimited colours, all kinds of shapes and sizes. We are sure we can meet any requirements you may have. Try us.


Our company takes pride in our design team and our offer for our clients to design their own flags. We offer many various types of flags.


If you want to order a different size or shape custom flag that is not l

Examples of Custom Flags (click to enlarge)

giant flag
giant flag






If you want your own personalised Flag to fly at home, on your boat, at your club or at your place of business, we can supply the best.
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Our custom flags are made of 100% polyester or woven polyester using state of the art digital printing technology. For Larger quantities we offer screen printing with dyed and pigmented ink up to eight colours. 
Custom flags can be of any shape or size with either traditional rope & Toggled or Brass eyelets. 
If you have a design of your own either sketched by hand or on your computer contact us by phone or email with your requirements. 
If you don't have your own design, our art team will be happy to assist with a design to match your idea. 
We also supply custom made hand flags, car flags, table flags, Feather flags plus accessories, Giant Flags.

Why order from us

  • High Quality
  • Single or double sided flags
  • All flags are machine washable.
  • Choice of fixing.
  • Digital or Screen printed
  • No minimum order.
  • Custom flags can be of any shape or size.
  • Payments accepted by card, cheque, paypal and bacs
  • Any size orders
  • Pennants'
  • Club burgees
  • Custom Flag Makers

Also custom makers of hand flags, car flags, table flags, Feather flags plus accessories, and Giant Flags. 

  • Bunting (Any length and size)
  • Table flags
  • Hand flags Wooden or plastic stick
  • Car flags
  • Embroidered Patches
  • Table cloths and table supplied, giant banners